Wednesday, July 27, 2011

6 Simple Steps to SuperHealth

How would you love to live to see your kids turn 100 and at the same time feel great getting there? Thats right, In 6 easy weeks you can live longer by following these 6 simple steps. Dr Steven M. Pratt is the author of the New York Times Best Seller "SuperFoodsRx in which he co authored with Sharyn Kolberg and together they share the essential ways that you can slim down, shape up and help you to look and feel better.  This no nonsense book shows you 6 simple ways to absolutely enhance your life.

Fight Cancer
Reverse the signs of Aging
Control Heart Disease
Be Your Best

Dr. Pratt's SuperHealth tips will keep your skin younger looking, your heart healthy and you will feel your best. And you know what they say,

"When you feel good, you look good"
Superhealth: 6 Simple Steps, 6 Easy Weeks, 1 Longer, Healthier Life

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